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Our certified Electronic Repair Department can repair most coin mechanisms, coin changers, bill acceptors, credit card readers and control boards.

Vending Machine Repair Services and Parts in Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown, Ohio.

Coin Mechanism

A broken coin mech, change machine or coin changer is a costly problem. Let the professionals in our Electronic Repair Department help by repairing your coin mechanisms, bill acceptors and credit card readers.

Bill Validators

Need help repairing a bill acceptor? VE is an MEI Certified Service Center, with trained individuals to help answer questions and refurbish used or non-working units. Our team services the top bill changer brands in the market.

Circuit Board Repair

Vendors Exchange has certified technicians ready to repair and refurbish your vending machine control boards and components.

Electronic Repair Department

Vendors Exchange International offers our customers beverage and snack vending machines with the most exciting, cutting edge technology available. No matter how new the vending machines are, every vending machine will need repair at some point, and Vendors Exchange International is there when it does. From drink & soda machines to snack machines, we help keep your vending machines running with our premium vending machine repair service.

Our Certified Electronic Repair Department can repair almost any model of coin mech, bill validator, credit/debit card reader or control board to ensure there is as little down time as possible when your vending machine needs repair. A broken coin mech or bill reader can present a real problem when it comes to keeping your machine running properly, and any time your machine is down you’re missing out on potential sales. Let the trained professionals in our Electronic Repair Department (ERD) help your business stay profitable with the vending machine repair service you need to fix your machine’s coin mechs, bill acceptors, credit/debit card readers, and more. Our certified control board technicians will assist in the repair and refurbishment of vending machine control boards and their components. Vendors Exchange International is an MEI Certified Service center, with trained individuals to help answer questions and refurbish new or non-working vending machines. Our team services the top brand name units in the market today.

We are the trusted retailer for snack, beverage, and dessert vending machines. Vendors Exchange International offers better amenities and customer support compared to our competitors. We provide a support line, reasonable prices, and repair services that most other companies can’t or don't offer. For the best in drink, soda, and snack machine repair, contact us today at 800-321-2311.

Vendors Exchange provides the following repair services: Coin Mech Repair, Bill Validator Repair, Board Service Repair, Refurbish & Return We can repair the following parts and more: Coin Mech, Bill Validator We perform high quality repair services on the following brands and more: AMS, American Changer, AP - Automated Products, Coinco, Conlux, CPI Premier Service Center, Crane National Vendors, Dixie Narco, Fastcorp, GPL, Hamilton, ICT, Maka, Mars/MEI, Royal, Rock Ola, Rowe, Sharp, USI/Vendnet, Vendo, VE.