At Vendors Exchange, we have both commercial vending machines and refurbished vending machines for sale to handle all your consumer snacking needs. We can help you if you’re in need of:

  • • Coffee vending machines
  • • Combination vending machines
  • • Condiment stands
  • • Frozen treat vending machines
  • • Microwaves

We have several coffee vending machines for sale, including the AP 213 Pronto Café built tough with coffee available in both freeze dried and fresh brew formats. With European-type graphics and several gourmet coffee selections, the AP 213 will keep customers happy with two cup sizes for both the casual coffee drinker and coffee devotee. When you need to supply coffee for a lot of people the National 673 Hot Drink Center 2, developed specifically to deliver coffee and other hot beverages in large facilities, is the perfect solution for your vending machine needs. Order the AP 213 or the Nat 673 with a Café CURVE door for an even better customer experience.

Our combo vending machines are the perfect snack solution, offering multiple selections of snacks, candy, and beverages to hungry consumers. Choose from four different models with customizable product spaces. Need a condiment stand? Choose either the 27" or 49” Metalmaster condiment stand, depending on your needs. For a fun and delicious addition to any space, choose a frozen treat vending machine and put a smile on the face of every customer, no matter their age! We also sell microwave ovens by Sharp; choose from either the R21LCFDIAL or R21LVFTOUCH model for your commercial space.

Purchasing refurbished vending machines makes good business sense. You can get your vending machine business off the ground quickly at a lower cost or supplement your existing business with machines that perform well but, can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of new commercial vending machines. Contact us today for more information on our refurbished vending machines for sale.