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Innovative Vending Machines For Sale


Vending machines offer a convenient way to satisfy hunger quickly and easily. For many people, there's not enough time to leave the office for lunch and still complete everything that needs to be done. For many people, a vending machine offers a better solution for beverages, snacks, and meals than bringing a lunch from home or ordering in. At Vendors Exchange, we help vending operators appeal to these customers with the vending machine technology to reinvent the vending machine experience and offer consumers a convenient, affordable, healthy alternative to 'fast' food. VE creates innovative vending machines by reinventing the vending experience. We add functionality and modernization to the vending industry.


Some of our high tech vending machine innovations include:

  •      • Cafe CURVE™ - Breathe new life into your coffee machine with a 21” touchscreen
  •      • 7th Tray - Replace your gum and mint tray with full sized products and increase your profits
  •      • MIND™ - Provide user-friendly access to product and nutritional information
  •      • Universal Control Boards - upgrade equipment with a UCB
  •      • VE Kiosk - Easily manage your MicroMarket business with your current software



Upgrade your Merchant Vending Machine with an updated contemporary CURVE Panel. Easy to install onsite.


Innovative, leading-edge technology ideal for your high visibility, top tier locations.

Vending Machine Technology

Vending machine technology has come a long way in recent years, and the innovative vending machines available for your business from Vendors Exchange can increase customer satisfaction as well as increasing your profit margin by satisfying consumer demand for:

  •      • More cashless payment options
  •      • Fresher food
  •      • Nutritional information
  •      • Ease of use
  •      • Contemporary, modern aesthetic
  •      • Engaging, interactive buying experience


When purchasing healthy food and beverages from an engaging, entertaining, easy to use vending machine that offers multiple cashless payment options is available, people not only enjoy the experience more, they spend more also – and that’s good for your vending machine business. Employees with innovative vending machines available at their offices are happier and more productive when offered the choice of purchasing healthy food options without leaving the office.


Vendors Exchange International is the trusted industry source for snack, beverage, and dessert vending machines. Our friendly, experienced sales staff understand the value of your business and will gladly assist you in choosing the right innovative vending machines for your situation. Not sure who the Vendors Exchange International representative is for your area? Contact Vendors Exchange International today at 800-321-2311 or click the link to find your Sales Rep for more information on our MIND™ devices for sale. Looking for how to fix a vending machine? Find Vending Machine Manuals here