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  • Merchant Vending Machine Upgrade - Cashless, VMS, Dex and MDB


    Bring Payment Systems within ADA Compliance Easy to install, and can be done on location.

  • Benefits:
    Available for models 180, 181, 448 and 449 Merchant vending machines, 4 wide and 6 wide.

    Add the features you want including touchscreens, coin mechs, validators, cashless and more.

    Increase the versatility and amount of information you display on your machine.

  • THE UCB™:
    Upgrade your machine with plug and play features including dual cashless, remote price updates, VMS compatibility and much more

    Custom graphics options.

    Increase traffic over your old Merchant 180-181 machines.
  • Decorative aluminum trim.


Vendors Exchange International offers business owners the latest innovations in the vending machine industry. Every day, business owners turn to us for affordable, convenient snack machine repair and vending machine repair parts. Are your National 180/181 vending machines outdated? Infuse new life into old vending machines with a CURVE Panel from Vendors Exchange International. The user-friendly hardware options and contemporary design will impress consumers with enhanced technology, convenience, and ease of use. Upgrade your current merchant and transform the look of your existing machine with this attractive new vending machine door panel.

Why CURVE Panel? You’ll love the CURVE Panel for the fresh look it will give your current vending machines. Customers will love it for the convenience and ease of use. The CURVE Panel by Vendors Exchange is cost effective, updating your existing snack and beverage machines for a fraction of the cost of a new door or an entirely new machine. The new CURVE Panel offers customers easy ordering and payment options. Add a touchscreen to your panel and provide consumers with detailed nutrition facts for every snack choice. Today’s health-conscious snackers will love knowing exactly what their snacks contain before making a purchase, giving them the opportunity to make healthy choices.

    Features of CURVE panel:
  •    • Four configurations to choose from
  •    • Sleek styling increases traffic and profit margins by increasing price and quality of products
  •    • Gives customers the detailed health information they crave
  •    • Easy to install on most OEM machines
  •    • 4 line LED display updates the look and function of your existing machine
  •    • ADA compliant makes it perfect for micro markets
  •    • The UCB upgrades your machine with plug and play features including dual cashless, remote price updates, VMS compatibility and much more
  •    • Choose the features you want including touchscreens, coin mechs, bill validators, cashless payment options, and more

Why Vendors Exchange International? Vendors Exchange International offers top quality vending machines for sale, along with snack machine repair and vending machine repair parts for today’s vending machine markets. We offer a wide variety of machines, doors, panels, and options for customers at very competitive price points.

We maintain a dedicated telephone support line and offer snack machine repair services most of our competitors don't. Contact us today at (800) 321-2311 or click here to find your Sales Representative with any questions you have about the CURVE Panel or any other performance issues, ordering problems, or questions you may have. We are here to support your vending machine business and look forward to serving you.

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