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Coffee Vending Machine - Crane National 673 & 213

Completely refurbished and upgraded commercial coffee vending machines.

Vendors International Cafe Curve

For convenient, affordable, healthy snack and beverage alternatives, vending machine business owners turn to Vendors Exchange International, where we offer the latest innovations in technology for commercial coffee vending machines. Are you a vending machine business owner with outdated machines? Step up to today’s modern vending machines with a Café CURVE door from Vendors Exchange International. Contemporary design and user-friendly hardware options will "wow" consumers with convenience, beauty, and ease of use. Transform the look of your current vending machine with this chic new vending machine door. .


Why Café Curve Door?

This touchscreen coffee vending machine is attractive and easy to use. Customers can customize the drink of their choice and select a variety of cup sizes, flavors, and condiments. Café CURVE by Vendors Exchange updates your existing commercial coffee machines for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. The new Café CURVE door with an interactive touchscreen offers customers a wide range of choices of customizable drinks and cup sizes. Owners can control recipes to ensure the best drinks across all their machines. A 21.5" touchscreen offers easy ordering and enhances the customer’s experience. Add selections with an assortment of cup sizes, and charge for additional flavors or condiments


Attract more customers with the modern CURVE Door, featuring decorative aluminum trim, bright LED accent lighting, backlit advertising panel and custom graphics options.


Drive margins with two cup sizes, higher price points and an option to charge for flavors and condiments with your coffee vending machine.

Features of Café CURVE door:

  •     • Increases profit margins by increasing price and quality of products

  •     • Gives customers the freedom to customize their drinks

  •     • Easy machine placement

  •     • Intuitive route driver screen ensures proper machine maintenance

  •     • ADA compliant – an ideal coffee vending machine for micro markets


Engage your customers with an attractive and intuitive touch screen coffee machine.


Give your customers the flexibility they want and the ability to customize drinks with an updated coffee vending machine.


Easy to use service screens and product supply management streamline your commercial coffee machine business.

Vending Machine Graphics

Why Vendors Exchange International? Vendors Exchange International offers top-quality vending machines and doors for today’s vending machine markets. Our prices are extremely competitive, and we offer a wide variety of vending machines and doors for business owners. From modernizing the vending experience with a touchscreen coffee machine and modern technology, we assist you in increasing your customer satisfaction quotient and your profit margin. That makes upgrading your vending machine with a modern Café CURVE door a wise


Vendors Exchange International offers customers top quality products at a reasonable price, a dedicated telephone support line, and vending machine repair services most of our competitors don't. Contact us today at (800) 321-2311 or click here to find your Sales Representative to help with any questions you have about the Café CURVE door or any other issues or questions you may have.