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Combo Vending Machines For Sale

Need a combo machine for your location? With our refurbished combo vending machines you can offer clients a central location to get all their snack and drink needs met. Having access to the convenience of a combination vending machine without leaving the office, shop, or warehouse means workers can grab a bite to eat and a drink throughout the day. This is especially helpful (and profitable!) to your business when lunch is left at home, the weather is too bad to go out, or employees are working overtime.

With a refurbished combo vending machine like the AMS, Model VISI Combo 5-wide snack and soda machine, customers can choose from 10 large snacks such as chips or pretzels, 10 different candy options, and 30 drink options, or any combination of the same. Offering customers multiple choices encourages multiple purchases, and that’s good for your bottom line. For smaller offices or shops, choose the AMS, Model VISI Combo 4-wide snack and soda vending machine.

Choose from the National Model 497 combo vending machine with 10 large snack items, 10 candy items, and 10 drink choices, or opt for the GPLModel 490 snack/drink combination vending machine and offer 8 snack choices 8 candy choices, and 8 drink choices. There’s enough variety to keep hungry customers coming back for more all day long, day after day.

Are you looking to replace or upgrade your current machine? Our knowledgeable sales staff understands the value in your vending machines and will assist when it comes to parts, equipment, service and technology to keep your machines running smooth. Contact us today or call your representative directly. Click here for a list of representatives by territory.