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Micromarket Vending


Seemlessly manage your MicroMarket vending business with your current software. Maximize profits with low flat rate fees.

Remote Management

Reduce route visits by monitoring sensitive equipment temperatures and scheduling DEX reports without ever leaving the office.

Single-Point Management

Control your vending machines and micromarket vending with one system.
Seamlessly integrate your product planograms for coolers, freezers and shelving.

Micro Market Vending

The VE Kiosk is a MicroMarket vending, self service kiosk, that can transform your business. MicroMarkets vending is fast becoming the benchmark for quality in the vending machine market. Our MicroMarket kiosk allows you to adapt your business to this growing consumer trend. Set up just like a vending machine, it is easily managed through your Vend Management System (VMS). This self-checkout portal is placed in a closed environment with additional coolers, freezers and shelves. Consumers walk up, scan their items, and purchase directly through the VE Kiosk, saving time waiting in line.

A MicroMarket vending kiosk allows you to offer consumers a broader variety of food that is healthy and attractive to today’s health-conscious consumer, including fresh fruit, salads, and sandwiches. These unmanned self-service kiosks are like mini convenience stores a business can offer in their breakroom, transforming it into a place people enjoy. Employees have access to an almost limitless variety of fresh food, beverage, and snack options without ever leaving the building. For people around the world who want a variety of healthy options at their fingertips, the VE Kiosk is a self-checkout machine that offers the freedom to provide products that go beyond those that fit into a typical vending machine coil.

  • VE Kiosk Features Include:
  •      • Managed through VMS – Use your existing VMS system to manage the VE Kiosk. Currently, we are compatible with Vendsys and Streamware, with others in the        works.
  •      • Large Touchscreen – 19” Inch Display with video screen to deter theft.
  •      • Temperature Sensors – Add temperature sensors to your coolers or freezers and monitor them via email alerts if temperature reaches unsafe levels.
  •      • Item Lock-Out – Once unsafe temperatures are reached, the items in that unit are not available for sale.
  •      • Build Loyalty – Capitalize on the cashless revolution, with stored value cards, using the USAT More Card System.
  •      • Shopping Cart – Allows consumers to purchase multiple items in one transaction, increasing your ticket sales.

Options Include: Mousepad, Receipt Printer and Custom Header Graphic

Vendors Exchange International is the trusted source for snack, beverage, dessert vending machines and Micro Market kiosks. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff understand the value of your business and will gladly answer any questions and assist you in choosing the right self-checkout machine for your situation. Not sure who the Vendors Exchange representative is for your area? You can call our office at 800-321-2311 or click the link to find your Sales Rep.