Build your VE REVISION™ Door

Vendors Exchange is at the forefront of innovation in the vending industry. Our obsession with innovation has lead to the development of several technologies your business can apply to your machines to save money, save clients and save your bottom line. The latest innovation is our REVISION™ door.

The REVISION™ door can be bought separately and installed on your AP 113 or AP 7000 machines, or we sell the REVISION™ door already installed on one of our remanufactured machines. The REVISION™ DOOR includes:

  • NEW Electronics
  • NEW LED Lighting
  • NEW Motion Sensor
  • NEW Keypad
  • NEW Guaranteed Delivery Sensor
  • All of these features are included in the price, plus you can add many other options from our list of new technologies.

This tool will allow you to customize your REVISION™ Door, complete with the features that are perfect for you. You can then create and print a customized sell sheet for customers, or get a detailed quote from VEII.

Select Features
Customize Your Machine
Print Sell Sheet
Request a Quote
Start Building & Customizing