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5.7" MIND KIT, FOR VT5000, USI 5000, MERCATO 4000/5000



Product Information at Your Fingertips
MIND™, stands for Make Informed Nutritional Decisions. This device was created to help consumers quickly and easily access nutritional information on a vending machine. It provides user-friendly access to product information and nutrition panels. Using our Display Builder Software, the MIND is updated by a USB flash drive right at the machine.

Features Include

Easy to Install - Can be installed on most OEM machines and on the REVISION™ or CURVE™ Doors by Vendors Exchange®.
Complete Solution - Delivers comprehensive product information before a customer purchases an item. Display screens include nutritional and ingredient information, helpful details and photos of the product selection.
Generate Revenue - Create and display 3rd party still advertisements to attract customers and gain more revenue.
Update Database - The MIND software is linked to our Nutritional Database, which contains over 12,000 products. Through partnerships with CPG companies is constantly being updated.
Sizes - Customizable display comes in either 5.7 inch or 7 inch versions (size requirements vary based on machine type).