MIND Your Business
01.21.2014 | Christine
Health Care Reform Act got you down? It's just a matter of time before federally mandated calorie counts must be posted on vending machines, but the Cleveland Fox affiliate station came to Vendors Exchange(R) to find out more about the regulations and innovative solutions.
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High Society
11.19.2013 | Christine
It's no secret that vending machines are everywhere, with high-price items being sold in department store machines. But one is now serving up pint-sized luxury.
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Tricks or Treats
10.31.2013 | Christine
In and around Dublin, Ireland, there is a vending machine doling out treats...and tricks.
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And I Quote
10.09.2013 | Christine
Ever want to find a message in a bottle? You might not find one washed up on shore, but there is a unique new vending machine in Taiwan that can help you out.
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Fashion Sense
09.16.2013 | Christine

It's no secret that all sorts of avant-garde clothing strutting down the runways of New York Fashion Week, but who would think one of the most talked about items came from a vending machine?

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Somebody's Watching Me
09.06.2013 | Christine

It's not just a Rockwell song, it's the topic surrounding the office coffee machine. Kind of. 

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Barbie Girl
08.09.2013 | Christine

While trolling the aisles of the local Target looking for a birthday present for an upcoming tot birthday, I came across one of those toy aisle displays, screaming to be seen. Complete with buttons to push, a small video screen, and Barbie herself, the display held none other than...a vending machine for the tiny fashionista.

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Breaking Yawn
07.26.2013 | Christine

For all the times your mother told you to cover your mouth when you yawn, maybe there's something in not listening (but only this once).

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Finland Leads Again
07.19.2013 | Christine

Finland seems to have quite the handle on technology in vending. Being the first to allow customers to pay for vending purchases with a cell phone, now they are leading the charge of payment with facial recognition

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Pay to Pray
06.28.2013 | Christine
Well, not quite.
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